Castle Construction Consultants offers a comprehensive range of professional construction consultancy services including Cost Management, Project Management and Employer’s Agent.

The services we offer can be fully integrated into a wider service offer through using specialist consultants to offer advice in such areas as sustainability, whole life costing, grants and procurement advice.

Our approach is one which focuses on the business needs of the client and aims to deliver a Cost Management service which enables our clients to make informed decisions based on early, accurate financial advice. Predictability and control of costs are key principles for all clients when planning and undertaking capital projects. We focus our resources and experience on achieving the best results from your investment and make sure we provide appropriate advice to inform the design process and facilitate client cost control design so that the solutions meet your needs and budget.

We work closely with clients at every stage of a project and define clear aims and objectives at the outset. This helps to ensure that the right decisions are made at the right time and implemented according to a set agenda. We drive your commercial agenda and procurement strategies by actively managing costs, identifying potential issues early and measure cost and risk performance against targets at every opportunity for improvement identification.

We implement robust financial control systems and procedures at each stage of the design development process from pre-construction to post contract services including strategic cost advice, benchmarking, cost modelling, optioneering, cost management, procurement advice, analysis of agreed maximum prices, change management, cash flow forecasting, post contract cost control, resolution of the final accounts and post completion reviews.

We see our role as being the single point of contact for the client, design team and contractor providing focus, guidance and direction for the project. We provide leadership and creativity, think strategically and communicate and engage with the whole team. Effective teamwork is central to success and to achieve this we develop client briefs and build project teams that can respond with best practice solutions.

Our approach allows us to control and deliver construction projects to cost and on programme, minimising risk, maximising value, whilst maintaining safety, achieving quality and maximising investment returns. Our experience spans all stages of the project process. We support front-end feasibility and conceptual studies, as well as managing the detail design, construction and commissioning stages.

Understanding the needs of the various stakeholders, building and motivating the team, co-ordinating the work of different contributors and managing changes to the plan along the way are all aspects of our role in delivering to the brief. We will actively report to the client on a regular basis on all activity on the project. Provide advanced warning of decisions that need to be made quickly and effectively to maintain the success criteria for the project. We will provide you with all of the information you need to allow you to make the right decision at the right time.

As an alternative to a total project management solution, we can deliver a specific service through the role of the employer’s agent. Our role will be to ensure that your requirements are met and the key parameters of cost, quality and programme are achieved. The exact service would be tailored to meet your specific needs and whether the Client or contractor leads the design process. Coupled with a thorough understanding of the development process, commercial awareness and a passionate interest in the successful delivery of the project, our service is dynamic and pro-active.

Our approach is to develop a collaborative working team environment which is inclusive and encourages collective ownership for the successful delivery of the scheme. We will co-ordinate the brief and establish robust control and reporting procedures to ensure objectives are met and roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

Our services include ownership for successful delivery of the project, co-ordination of the brief with the client and the design team, communication of clear objectives for the project within the time, cost, quality success criteria and objectives, management of the design programme, a clearly defined management and communication structure, robust reporting procedures and controls that enables the clients to make key decisions, tight commercial and programming control of the design and construction process and the monitoring and reporting against the baseline information.